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book through glasses
Latest Publications – August
Have a great new academic year starting with reading these amazing publications! Wendt, O., Bishop, G., & Thakar, A. (2019). Design and evaluation of [...]
Flummox And Friends cast
FlummoxVision™ app
FlummoxVision™ is a free iPad app now available on the App Store. Flummox and Friends is an offbeat, live-action comedy designed to help kids navigate the [...]
InPrint3 printer symbol
InPrint3 AAC symbols free trial version
InPrint3 With InPrint3 you can create symbol materials to print, such as books, flashcards, worksheets and accessible documents with Widgit Symbols. What [...]
James Northridge, owner of UrAbility
Succeeding with Technology: Assistive Technology talk in Dublin
Topic How can we use technology to empower all students? Parents and teachers will walk away from the session with practical solutions to current issues [...]
doctrid and collaborators
DOCTRID VI conference: Transitions across the Lifespan for People Living with Autism and/or Intellectual Disability
The conference The DOCTRID VI (Daughters of charity technology and research into disability) conference will include presentations from international [...]
book through glasses
Latest publications – July
DiPietro, J., Kelemen, A., Liang, Y., & Sik-Lanyi, C. (2019). Computer-and Robot-Assisted Therapies to Aid Social and Intellectual Functioning of [...]
Three Milo robots
Humanoid robot Milo by Robokind for autistic children
Robots4Autism by RoboKind Robots4autism offers an evidenced-based ASD curriculum that facilitates learning in an original and entertaining way. The lessons [...]
Aumi app logo
Aumi: ‘Your mind looked after’
What is Aumi? Aumi is a new app that helps you organise your mind and your day and reduce instances of burnout or meltdowns. Aumi is built to help you keep [...]
man wearing headphones while using Mac
Interview: The 18 year-old autistic developer behind popular app Aumi, Ethan Shallcross.
Aumi’s young developer gave an interview to ASDtech about his motivation behind Aumi and what makes this app unique. Vanessa Zervogianni (VZ): Hello [...]