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Mark&Vanessa at INSAR 2018
BETA project updates – Meet the team in Montreal
The BETA team is delighted to share its findings with the wider autism community and has been busy preparing academic papers, talks and hands-on seminars. [...]
Girls with laptops
Technology as an educational tool for young autistic learners
How digital technology can be beneficial to young autistic learners? Technology offers customisable platforms for children to learn and practise skills. It [...]
book through glasses
Latest Publications – March
MacFarland, M. C., & Fisher, M. H. (2019). Peer-Mediated Social Skill Generalization for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual [...]
BBC Click Vanessa Zervogianni
Technology for anxiety in autism – BBC feature
Last month, the BETA project featured on BBC Click‘s episode about how technology can help autistic individuals manage anxiety. Vanessa Zervogianni [...]
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Feature paper: Addressing the mathematics gap for students with ASD: An evidence-based systematic review of video-based mathematics interventions.
This systematic review of literature synthesised research on video-based instruction (VBI)
Online resources by the diverse panel of BETA project’s online study
Our Online resources section (formerly Links) is now complemented with resources recommended by the expert panel of BETA project‘s Delphi study (see [...]
Bias in AI and neuroscience Conference
Call for abstracts: Diversity Computing workshop
Part of BIAS2019 17-18-19 June 2019 – Nijmegen, Netherlands Diversity Computing is our ethical vision of future interactive technologies supporting [...]
Tech, parents and open science
One more initiative towards open science comes from the University of Edinburgh and the DART lab. ASDTech’s feature paper for December on parent reports of [...]
CHI19 conference
Call for participation: SIG CHI’19: Expecting the Unexpected in Participatory Design
In conjunction with CHI 2019 (4-9 May 2019, Glasgow, UK) For the date and time, please check [...]